El hombre del saco(2002)

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分类:悬疑 短片  西班牙  2002 2002西班牙语


导演:Miguel Ángel Vivas 


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Plot Summary:When 10-year-old Nemo's mother suddenly dies, the boy is forced to go live with his maternal uncle's family. They are cordial and treat him well, but his 12-year-old cousin, Iván, begins to tease and tell him stories about the Bogeyman and how he'll come and get him if he doesn't behave. At first young Nemo doesn't believe the stories, insisting that Iván is just making things up, and besides, he has his mother's crucifix, and that will protect him, won't it? Iván tells him one sure way to know if the Bogeyman has tried to get you: he first removes your socks, so he can bite off your toes before pulling you into his sack and carrying you off. Well, that very night Nemo awakes, pulls off the covers, and finds that both feet are bare -- his socks having been taken off. Nevertheless, Nemo still doubts Iván's stories and believes that it was his cousin who took his socks. Over the course of the next few days, however, strange things occur -- things that make Iván's stories seem altogether...

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