My Dad's Christmas Date(2020)

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My Dad's Christmas Date

分类:喜剧  英国  2020 英语

主演:乔莉·理查德森 杰里米·皮文 安娜·沃尔顿 娜塔莉·考克斯 



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Plot Summary:In many ways, David and Jules Evans relationship is no different from that of most fathers and sixteen-year-old daughters. He struggles to understand her, she refuses to communicate with him. He wants to be involved in her life, she wants her own space. In one important aspect, however, David and Jules are separated from the rest of society: the death of Jules' mum, and David's wife, in a car crash two years previous. With both struggling to cope with the rigors of daily life in the wake of this devastating loss, Jules decides to take matters into her own hands. Creating profiles for David on multiple online dating platforms, Jules sets out to find her dad a partner and, for herself, someone with whom she can talk. The question is, in the search for a new mum, will Jules find her old dad?

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